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Free cellulite reduction treatment consultations at Sound Shape's Boston Cellulite Removal Center: phone 617-367-1900 or email

Sound Shapes, a Boston, Massachusetts, cellulite treatment center, offers the FDA Approved VASER® Shape best in class cellulite reduction / cellulite removal treatment. This fast, safe, non-invasive "lunch-time" treatment in the media is known as "nonsurgical liposuction" or "nonsurgical cellulite removal".

The VASER® Shape cellulite reduction treatment is quite simple: it takes about an hour and feels very similar to a massage. The cellulite removal treatment is safe, there are no side-effects, and you can resume your normal activities (including exercise) immediately following the cellulite reduction treatment. This nonsurgical "spot cellulite treatment" is FDA approved and can be performed successfully on your abs, love handles, back, arms, hips, buttock, thighs, or knees. Please review the most frequently asked questions here: Most Frequently Asked VASER® Shape Questions the Boston Technicians Hear

VASER® Shape received FDA approval in May 2010 for the reduction in the appearance of cellulite (fat). It is fat under the skin which causes the appearance of cellulite. Therefore, VASER® Shape is a fat reduction / cellulite reduction treatment that literally melts away fat without having to undergo plastic surgery. VASER Shape® is a non-invasive ultrasound technology that results in smoothing, firming and shaping the body significantly and quickly. VASER® shape removes cellulite (fat removal), provides skin tightening, and offers localized scar-less fat removal. To learn more about how VASER® shape works, specifically click here: About VASER Shape Cellulite Removal

Sound Shapes has performed more VASER Shape cellulite treatments than any other practitioner in the Boston, Massachusetts area. The benefits of this cellulite removal treatment include:

vasershape cellulite treatment boston     Dramatically improve skin tone / firmness
cellulite treatments boston     Removes unwanted fat and cellulite
cellulite reduction treatments bostn     Noninvasive (no incisions) cellulite removal treatment: no downtime (no pain)
VASER shape boston     Spot-target your cellulite areas
bullet,add,plus     Removes cellulite and inches (nonsurgical liposuction)
cellulite removal treatments boston     Body contouring without surgery
vaseshape boston     FDA approved to eliminate fat / cellulite
skin tightening treatments boston     No surgery / no anesthesia required

Conveniently located in Boston’s North End, your cellulite removal treatment is performed by a technician who has been fully accredited by VASER® SHAPE.

If you have any questions for the Boston Cellulite Removal Treatment Center about VASER® Shape Cellulite Reduction / Cellulite Removal or are interested in more information on VASER® Shape cellulite reduction to improve the appearance of any part of your body where you have excess fat or cellulite present, please contact the Boston office for a complimentary VASER® Shape cellulite reduction / nonsurgical liposuction consultation.



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